Emotional Rollercoaster by Mica Furlow

The twists and turns of life produces many emotions that we are not sure how to express. Love, anger, disappointment, happiness are what make us human and change weekly if not daily. God and life's experiences have allowed me to express these through my journals.

A journal turned into poetry to express emotions is the finest outlet that I have experienced. Trials of life, love, friendships formed or dissipated is something everyone has had during the journey of their existence. Whether striving to grasp the situation or wanting to throw in the towel, these bumps in the road have been experienced by all and the encouragement by others is how one can surpass to live another day.

About Mica Furlow

A native from Fort Worth that moved to Houston in her teens is where Mica began writing and somehow lost the passion until recent years. She attended HBU Texas Southern University immediately after graduating from high school. After putting education on hold to raise her son and have a family, she decided to return to the classroom. Receiving a Bachelors of Science degree in Business Management, she took eight months off to pursue a Masters in Criminal Administration making her a twice alumni from the University of Phoenix. After the long nights of reading and writing papers, she rediscovered the passion for writing poetry.

First 3% Sample: epub mobi (Kindle)

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