Loveless by Drew Lindsay

The swingers in this club may be rich and high class but one of them is a killer with rage and vengeance. Ben Hood is hired initially to protect rich and beautiful women in this club until he also becomes a target. The job becomes very personal when his life is also on the line.

Someone in this very exclusive swingers club is out for revenge. Club members are brutally killed. Ben Hood is hired initially to protect rich and beautiful women in this club but suddenly he becomes one of the prime targets for the killer. In order to identify the killer, Ben is forced to mix with club members and in the main, beautiful women. The killer is sly and careful and works in the dark with a knife. Ben travels to Bali, Vanuatu and Green Island on the Great Barrier Reef during his rather reluctant involvement in tracking down the killer of the Loveless.

About Drew Lindsay

Drew Lindsay is a dynamic Australian Novelist and Writer. He has travelled extensively throughout Australia and the world. His background includes working as a Policeman and detective, then managing his own private investigation business as well as working in Fraud Investigation Management positions within the insurance industry.

Drew is a PADI Divemaster and holds a private pilot's license. He has a great love of entertaining others with his vivid imagination. His novels allow the reader to escape into worlds of romance, excitement, humour and fast paced adventure. Drew lives in Sydney with his wife.

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