Australian Magic by Gabriëlle Monego

Australian Magic, the first part of an epic fantasy series. The world changed, legends came to life and Australia came out better the rest of the world. Humans want to, once again, rule the country like before Anarchy. A young woman is forced to navigate through this turmoil. The Mediator has left her, his daughter, and the races of Australia to fend for themselves while Hell is coming Down Under.

Australian Magic is the first part of an epic fantasy series about The Mediator.

The world has changed. When it started they called it climate change.

Mother Nature was getting her own back and in the process released all the magic that had been popping up in legends throughout history.

The world has settled in a new rhythm. Now, in a world that is populated by a variety of different races, humans are a lot lower on the food chain and the one man any race could all turn to has disappeared. Some said it was time for him to go. He’d been sleeping at the wheel they say. To them he was just the Mediator but to M he was Dad.

Her mother had died when she was young.

She never inherited her mothers Witch magic, so the coven, her mothers family, hadn’t been anything more than study hall until she was twelve.

He father disappeared and left only a letter that created more questions than answers. One thing is clear, nobody that had been a part of her life when she was growing up want to get in touch with her now. She’s on her own.

While M is trying to find her place in life some humans want to rule the world again, tired of being prey. Willing to risk hell on earth to get what they want, they are possessed and on a mission. The races of Australia don’t get along anymore while the magic of Australia is now the biggest uncorrupted source of magic left in the world. A source of magic that is like a beacon to demons, a sure way to bring hell to earth. So far demons have only been able to get as far as possession of their human summoners in Australia. What can one young woman do to help her country? Her dad, The Mediator, had magic and she can only feel the use of others magic. The Mediator knew everyone and she’s no-one. But is she really on her own? Trouble seems to want her company. Demons want her country and nobody wants to get along.

About Gabriëlle Monego


I am a (cattle) grazier, living in Outback Australia with my husband and children.

Between teaching school, working on the land and taking care of my family I write fantasy fiction.

I have published my first novel Australian Magic, with a sequel soon to be released and a third book already in the works.

Born in The Netherlands I'm widely travelled and I've enjoyed adventures in many countries as well as my journey through the beautiful and diverse Australia, which is now my home.

Price: $4.99 USD

First 20% Sample: mobi (Kindle) | pdb | read online

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