Alidad: The Timeless Home – James McDonald

The work of London-based, Persian-born interior designer Alidad is the realization of a fantasy of splendor in elegant brocade and rich damask. Award-winning interior designer Alidad is renowned for creating interiors of comfort made from a warm, glowing elegance with richness, color, and sumptuous materials. His work is associated with the exacting use of intricately patterned antique and modern textiles, upholstered furniture, and a high quality of craftsmanship. This book presents his unique aesthetic—a kind of controlled glamour that embraces exotic forms, patterns, and fabrics while at the same time evoking the timeless and comforting. Alidad offers a compelling visual survey of his projects, from apartments in London and Paris and villas in Beirut and Kuwait to seaside homes in Sardinia and Cornwall. The work of Alidad is a resplendent tapestry, sewn through with color upon color and texture upon texture. The book also illustrates creatively for the reader Alidad’s approach to the practical issues of interior decoration, from architectural alteration and furniture design to choosing appropriate textiles, and it serves as an intimate resource and an entry into the secrets of evocative design.

About the Author

James McDonald is a British interior photographer, author and a contributor to some of the world’s most renowned home and architecture magazines such as The World of Interiors, House and Garden and Vogue Living.

After his book, Alnwick Castle, the home of the Duke and Duchess of Northumberland, was published by Frances Lincoln in 2012, his latest work can be seen in Alidad: The Timeless Home which Rizzoli published in October 2013.

Aside from writing and interior photography, his work includes private commissions for Middle Eastern royalty and European families, and he is commissioned by Sotheby’s to do the photography for books for their top private clients.

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